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It’s too large:


  • The plant would be one of the very largest in Europe, centralising waste for seven London boroughs


  • It’s built to meet forecasts of rising waste levels 30 years hence – but waste levels are going down


  • The plant will import waste – from where we do not know but North London has enough of its own



It’s in the wrong place:


  • Site of Importance for Nature Conservation (SINC) Grade 1 of Borough-wide importance


  • The site is on a green corridor


  • It sits 80m from the nearest housing and 14 schools lie within a 1.5Km radius of the site

W H Y   W E   O P P O S E   T H I S   P R O P O S A L

pw7a BL_photo58_haringey180711

There is a better way:


  • Use existing waste sites effectively, including intensifying their productivity through investment  


  • Build smaller plants, local to waste production, if and only if demand shows them being required


  • Work to reduce the levels of waste ending up in black bags – reuse, recycle, rethink





Yes but this is an £8 billion pound initiative, heavily resourced to deliver. A lot of money is at stake. To date the Pinkham Way Alliance has faced two public hearings for two major planning inquiries and a multitude of challenges. And yet more are expected. This is a David vs Goliath fight.

It’s going to be horrible:


  • The North Circular Road and the Colney Hatch junction hardly need another thousand plus daily vehicles


  • Air quality in the area is already below requirements


  • Our visits to other UK plants highlight the real risk of foul smells and fly infestations to local and not so local premises

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