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T I M E L I N E   O F   K E Y   E V E N T S

Key to Acronyms


NLWA – North London Waste Authority – statutory body contracted to dispose of waste from 7 N London councils


NLWP – North London Waste Plan planning document drafted by 7 member councils of NLWA


LBB – Barnet Council


LBH – Haringey Council


CS – Core Strategy(land use plan)


NPPF – National Planning Policy Framework introduced in March 2012 to simplify planning.


EiP – Examination in Public – all major council planning documents, such as CS or waste plans, go through a public examination of their soundness.



initial site assessments of 67 potential waste sites, offered by councils to NLWP, conducted by Mouchel consultants. PW placed 54th out of 67. A ‘moderation’ exercise conducted by councils raises PW to 6th out of 56.



negotiations begin between NLWA and LBB for NLWA purchase of a large portion of PW site


May 27th/28th 2009

exchange of letters between NLWA/LBH re use of PW as waste site


Nov 2009/Jan 2010 

two out of the three sessions of ‘pre-application discussions’ between NLWA and LBH – 3rd session in March ‘11


May 2010

initial consultation on LBH CS.


June 2010 

response from NLWA re LBH CS.


Nov 2010 

Consultation re Fundamental Changes to CS, including proposal to re-designate PW as Industrial Land (LSIL). (This would have brought the designation into line with the criteria for waste sites laid down in the London Plan.) (10 responses to the consultation)


Mid-Feb 2011 

NLWA local exhibitions re PW proposals. This was the first that local residents were aware of the plans.


March 2011 

NLWA becomes registered owner of a large portion of PW. Clause in sale agreement to keep the deal secret as long as possible.


March 2011 

PWA formed (incorporated as company limited by guarantee June 2011)


April 2011

PWA appoints solicitors - initial opinions sought from counsel.


May 2011 

instructions to counsel to draft submission to LBH CS hearings. Submission made, participation in hearings barred until last minute.


End-May 2011 

joint planning applications submitted to LBH from NLWA/LBB re PW site. NLWA for waste plant, LBB for waste lorry depot. (LBH anticipated validation by end-June. Validation is the process of ensuring that documents are in order and in enough detail for an application to be properly considered by planners)


June 2011

PWA submission to NLWP consultation. Just under 800 people attach their names to PWA submission – around 350 individual submissions.


End-June 2011 

PWA at LBH CS hearings.


July 5th 2011 – LBH planning officer i/c PW project, tells PWA that, if planning approval for PW given at LBH planning committee, nothing that happens in NLWP EiP can undo that. Lobbying of LBH by PWA and Lib Dem opposition begins to stop validation.


July 6th 2011 

Enfield Council votes to ask LBH to put NLWA/LBB planning applications on hold until after NLWP report published.


July 18th 2011

LBH Council meeting puts NLWA/LBB applications on hold.


July 19th 2011

LBH, in e-mail exchange with local resident, says that validation of planning applications will go on.


July 21st 2011

letter from PWA solicitors to LBH asking for clarification of this contradiction. (Answered Nov 7th).


LBH inspector writes to LBH re CS consultation of Nov 2010 (re redesignation of PW), questioning its legality and fairness.


September 2011

As result of Inspector’s July letter, further LBH CS consultation re employment land designations. 350 individual responses – 1600 names attached to PWA submission.


Feb 2012

Further day of CS hearing re PW redesignation.


March 2012

NPPF published.


April 2012

LBH announce further CS consultation re effect of NPPF. 600 names attached to PWA submission


June 2012

EiP of NLWP opens. Inspector suspends hearings indefinitely after 90 minutes due to failure of N London councils to co-operate with authorities outside London who take N London waste.


August 2012

NLWP Inspector confirms failure to co-operate and gives N London Councils 2 options:

to try and remedy their failure and re-present the plan at a later date

to scrap the plan and start again


August 2012

LBH Inspector rejects LBH attempt to redesignate PW as Industrial Land, announces further CS consultation on Modifications to the LBH plan.


November 2012

NLWA announces delay in procurement of waste contract. Tenders now expected March 2013, but no timetable after that.


November 2012

NLWP scrapped. Drafting of new plan to start in 2013...