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N L W P   -   C O N S U L T A T I O N   I N   2 0 1 3

Main Matter 1

A letter from Archie Onslow, programme manager of the NLWP, has been circulated recently inviting suggestions for content in the new NLWP. This letter argues that, since last year's examination never reached the point of testing the actual evidence in the plan, the information collated for the old plan forms a good basis for the latest version - in our view, a highly questionable assumption.


You may be interested in reading submissions by three of our supporters, who have agreed to let us share them on our website to give you an idea of the things to consider when responding. Click the links below to download them:

Main Matter 2

Main Matters 3 & 5

Main Matter 4

Main Matter 1 deals with the legality of the Plan, including the level of consultations (the Duty of Co-operation, on which the plan failed, was one of these topics).

Main Matter 2 tests the evidence offered by the Councils to support the need for new facilities (e.g. PW) and deals with waste projections; present and future use of existing facilities etc.

Main Matters 3&5 - MM3 deals with the NLWP spatial strategy - the allocation of land; MM5 with 2 particular policies within the NLWP, under which existing and new sites were assessed.

Main Matter 4 deals with Site Assessment criteria and scoring - in our case, of course, Pinkham Way.

As you will know, PWA - along with other participants - maintained that the old NLWP was unsound in many aspects. To remind yourself of the evidence and our objections, please click on the links below to view the submissions to last year's examination.


All documents are in PDF format.

example submission 1

example submission 2

We have also put together some bullet points to assist you in writing your own response, you have until 5pm on Friday 7th June to respond directly to the NLWP.  Signing up to our response has now closed, thank you to the 450 of you who signed up to be represented by our submission. Which you can now download.

example submission 3