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We saw the Inspectors official report on the Haringey Local Plan in December 2012. The Inspector has refused to allow Haringey to redesignate the Pinkham Way site as Locally Significant Industrial Site. He says there is no justification for it. This is a very important achievement for the PWA and thank you to all those many supporters who participated in the consultation.


The Inspector has confirmed that the Pinkham Way site has not been allocated for waste use in Haringey's Local Plan and that the appropriate vehicle for allocating waste sites will be the new North London Waste Plan when it is produced and which will be subjected to public consultation.


The Inspector also points out that Haringey will have an opportunity to review the status of the Pinkham Way site's SINC designation in their emerging Development Management Policy document, that this should include public consultation on that document and that when reviewing the Pinkham Way SINC the council should take account of its open space value, it's biodiversity and it's specific site features such as the culverted water course and the outcome of the village green application.


The result of all this is that Haringey will now be under pressure to carry out a proper assessment of the Pinkham Way site as a SINC, not just to see whether it will be possible to develop it but also to consider whether it should be upgraded to Metropolitan Open Land or local Nature Reserve.


The message is clear that this site should not be allocated for waste use before the NLWP has been publicly scrutinised and has been through an independent assessment by way of Examination in Public.


We must keep the pressure on Haringey to carry out that assessment properly and we must keep alert to the possibility that the NLWA and Barnet may submit a planning application anyway to keep their Procurement process alive.


In the New Year PWA will provide more information on what we need to do next in the light of this report and the other recent announcements by the NLWA and the Seven North London Councils (NLWP). It's not over yet, but for now we can take some comfort from the Inspectors Report.

H A R I N G E Y   C O R E   S T R A T E G Y   ( L O C A L   P L A N )


You can view the webcast of the PWA deputation a the Haringey Council meeting on Monday 18th March 2013. The video stream should open at the point at which Stephen Brice starts to speak, if for some reason it doesn't, you can scroll through to 00:17:30 to find the right point. The relevant section ends at 00:35:24.